Why You Should Visit these Three Castles in Dublin

Why You Should Visit these Three Castles in Dublin 

Irish castles and ruins are famous, often used as scenarios for movies and series, they are magnificent touristic points.  

They are a beautiful attraction that also teaches us about the country’s history and culture. How much you learn about it and how deep this knowledge goes depends on the time you want to spend visiting it, also your interest in reading all the information provided. 

There are 30,000 castles and ruins spread all over Ireland, according to an unofficial count, but only a dozen or so offer you the chance to feel like you have stepped back in time by entering the rooms, seeing yourself surrounded by antique furniture and sometimes even smelling the must of old books and documents. 

These three castles are easily accessible from Dublin, find out why you should visit them even more than once. 

Photographer: Juliana Borges

 Ardgillan Castle 

Although referred to as a castle Ardgillan was, actually, an 18th-century country house. Originally called ‘Prospect House’, it was the Taylors’ dwell for more than two hundred years. 

Located in Balbriggan, it is a short 30 min drive from Dublin, or you can use the bus No. 33 from Eden Quay

To enter the castle there is a €5 fee. It doesn’t require booking in advance but the castle can be hired for private events, so it is a good idea to check out the availability the day you intend to go. 

 Why you should visit Ardgillan Castle 

It is a great option for a day out. There is an area reserved for BBQs, where you can celebrate a special occasion in a small group unless you prefer to hire the entire castle to celebrate in big style.  

The little ones won’t be bored, the playground is a good size and there is a Fairy Trail.  

Inside, going through the ancient personal belongings, documents, and the history panels up on the walls you can learn more about Irish Culture and the history of this piece of land. We won’t spoil your visit by telling you the whole history here, go check it out. 

Moreover, the garden around the castle is large and beautiful, we recommend visiting many times even if it is just to walk the trail around the park. 

  1. Malahide Castle 

Easily accessed by bus routes from Dublin city centre, or by DART,  this gorgeous Irish castle is very popular for a day out. 

The land of Malahide was gifted to The Talbots by King Henry II for his services to the crown. It has undergone huge changes until it got to what we see today.

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By learning about the family owners and the castle, we learn about the culture and history of Ireland and how it reverberates today. 

 Why should you visit Malahide Castle? 

It is not only about the castle but everything that surrounds it. There is plenty of green space to lie around and enjoy the sun,  whenever it remembers that Ireland exists and decides to shiny on us. 

The area around the castle is so enchanting that even if you already visited it is worth going back. You know these days when you are feeling like you need fresh air and something to boost your mood, this is the place to go. 

The village around it offers great options for restaurants, cafes, shops and bars. 

  1. Dublin Castle 

Dublin Castle is so merged into Dublin’s City centre touristic scenario that many people often forget that it is, in fact, a castle.  

Not as tall as the other ones but equally mesmerizing, this building has always been of importance for the government, for the British administration before Ireland’s Independence then handed over to the new Irish government in 1922. 

Many important events and celebration happen in this place to this date. If you are a Dublin dweller you have probably come across one or two. 

Why should you visit Dublin Castle? 

To learn more about the culture of the country through history, also the architecture is quite impressive. It is easy to fit in any day out scheduled around the city as it is walking distance from many points of interest, like St Patricks Cathedral and Trinity College.  

It is a must-see if you are visiting the city for the first time and a great idea to include in a day-tour during a staycation, when we visit somewhere more than once we always find new ways to look at it. 

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Furthermore, the castle is important for government events and for citizens, who also use the landmark to commemorate important dates in history, like the “YES” vote to gay marriage when people gathered around Dublin Castle’s patio area to celebrate the result. 

Juliana Borges

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