Who We Are

Who we are

ArtMulti Brazil artist collective was created in 2018 and has more than 50 art and culture professionals based in Dublin. Our collective was founded by Brazilian professionals with a long-term relationship with Ireland and today we have members from many different countries, who are somehow involved with the Irish artistic and cultural sector. 


Our mission is to create a productive and successful network of arts and culture professionals interested in working in the Irish market and support those in their professional journeys. We aim to assist and connect our members on everything related to their work and creative process, to collaborate with different cultural institutions and to develop events and exhibitions to promote our work. Our greatest purpose is to find our place in the Irish arts and culture market and make sure our members are valued and achieve their career goals. 


We want to connect european and latin-american arts and culture workers and support them in the process of becoming successful professionals in the Irish market. In the long-term ArtMulti aims to be a reference in the cultural sector in Ireland. 


Art and culture are essential to human beings. 

Art and culture professionals deserve a fair payment as any other professional. 

Creativity and innovation – as any other sector we believe arts and culture needs to be creative and innovative, and to adapt to all the worldly changes. 




Collaboration – we believe that working together is the best way to achieve our goals

How Can I support?
You can follow us on our social medias at @brazilianartireland such as attending to our events and donating through go fund me.

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