Our selected casting of artists are well prepared professionals that can attend high standards of quality service. Here you can find them listed according to the correspondent category with all information you may need to get to know their artwork and to contact them. 

Chiara Rucks

Chiara is a museologist graduated by the Federal University of Bahia , Brazil. She has 7 years of experience working in the cultural sector in Brazil and executed a project of
exhibition revitalization at the Geographic and Historical Institute of Bahia. Also she worked as a researcher in projects of the Salvador City’s Museum and has experience in body agencies such as the IPAC – Historical and Artistic Institute of Bahia.
Chiara has been living in Dublin for a year and a half working as a curator and studying
Digital Marketing and the strategies to apply on the cultural market. Our first group exhibition called “Sweet Dublin’s Life” attracted attention from many visitors and the local media.
Chiara is always looking for new talented artists to promote and give professional support
and advice.

+353 083 460 2841

Marcelo Ortega

With a precise technique and strong feeling, DJ Ortega conquered his space with well-made sets
of Latin, Jazz, Funky, Disco, Electronic – which brings the audience to ecstasy and makes a
dance floor boil. Throughout its 14 years dedicated to the art of discotheque, the deejay has
played in great festival, clubs and pubs like: Electric Picnic, Wigwam, Tengu, Izakaya, Skol Beats
Factory, Hot Hot, Vegas, A Lôca, Sonique, Club A and Hole Club. I’m A Disco Dancer and Baile
are the projects that DJ Ortega has already idealized. And, with all his talent and sympathy,
Ortega only tends to do much more and brings even more energy to this scene.

+353 083 370 0836

Hugo Vasconcelos

Freelance photographer, developer and disco collector.
He is from Recife/Pernambuco, optimistic by decision and passionate about music and people.
My journey on the island started in 2015, when I took an English course for 3 months and
decided to stay indefinitely. Photography is a way of finding historical stories and showing that we are more connected than we think.
I study photography at The Darkroom ( and have tried more and more analog photography.

+353 083 122 4796

Renato Mors

Renato was born in Ganharus in northeastern Brazil and since childhood he was always
passionate about photography, despite the challenges he studied photography in Recife and
opened his own photographic studio. With a critical eye and focused on social issues, he always
seeks to innovate in his essays making them the result of a process of self-knowledge and
personal growth for himself, the photographed and the public. The fashion editorial course at the
Faculty of Fine Arts in Recife also drew his attention to the fashion world and photographic
composition, adding to his work themes that are of political and social relevance.

Info :
+353 083 389 7773

Juliana Spadot

Juliana Spadot is an actress and theatre-maker and a graduate of Sagrado Coracao University. She has studied acting and comedy for four years at the prestigious SP Escola de Teatro . She was part of the Experimental Center for Performing Arts, working and developing performances in many different genres. Juliana has extensively performed in and directed experimental productions while in Brazil, and has taught drama for over 13 years. She is passionate about collaborative theatre and moved to Ireland from Brazil two years ago to get experience in film. She has been performing in Ireland as a clown, and also as an actress with the Hungarian Irish Theatre.



Camila Carvalho

Camila Carvalho is an award winning Brazilian photographer and graphic designer based in Ireland. She has been living in Dublin for the past 4 years and still gets pleasantly surprised by the beauty of everyday life in the bustling city. Natural light plays a major role in her photography and she has learned to cherish the sunshine when it sneaks into frame. She likes to explore in her work what she calls “the moment’s essence”. She believes the most important thing about photography is to capture the soul of the moment and transmit in her images the incredible beauty of life. “The famous photographer Dorothea Lange once said, “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera”. That’s the perfect definition of what I believe. My career in photography has given me reasons to step back to really look at the light, shadows, and sky, to take notice and to recognize the beauty in people, nature, places and moments, so I can capture it completely and show in my photos the soul of an image.”, Camila Carvalho.


Bruna Drummond

I studied two semesters of Social Communication (Publicity and Advertising) in Blumenau but she moved to São Bernardo do Campo in São Paulo, where I majored in Radio and TV (Audiovisual Production). She worked in the area starting with editing retail programs for NET in 2013 and then edited a craft program called Ateliê na TV that is broadcast throughout Brazil. In the last 5 years with Ateliê na TV in addition to editing, production, content creation for social networks, She started to get involved with digital marketing working with ads on Instagram and Facebook with the material we produced in the studio itself.
She always knew that one day She would leave Brazil and She was in a phase of not knowing if I was dedicated to Audiovisual or Digital
Marketing. In this last job, I also participated in international trips to film / edit / post content
to promote the trips and at that moment I realized that I wanted to speak English fluently. I already helped the guides and translators with my basic English but I really found myself living outside Brazil as it was always a childhood dream. I decided to ask for the bills and embark on an exchange at first to Australia but it was going to take the visa process and for other reasons I decided to switch to Ireland which was an old

passion. And I have been here since August 2019. I would love to go back to work in the audiovisual area because I love the production environment and mainly edit videos and tell stories through images!


+353 83 073 5291

Hélio de Araújo Junior

Brazilian living in Dublin since 2015. I’ve been using photography as inspiration and expression. Lately I’ve been focusing on Travel Photography but I’m also super into Black & White/Minimalism styles.


Daiane Alves

I am Dai, an experienced Graphic Designer and Photographer. With 5 years of industry experience, in retail and education companies. Skilled in visual communication, printing and digital design. An artistic eye for photography, especially portraits and studio photography.


André Melo

Tattoo artist specialized in Blackwork, Sketch and Watercolor. With a unique language, working only with creations and reinterpretations, his arts are deepened and directed exclusively to each client.


Alex Gonçalves

I am a polyglot, versatile and creative multimedia content developer, writer / scriptwriter, producer and researcher with over 10 years of experience in Media, Corporate Communication, Marketing and Customer Service. I worked for companies such as MTV, BBC, Animal Planet, Discovery and, Fremantle Media. I have a strong background to develop content for different media platforms such as Television (E.g. created and wrote bibles, scripts, advertisings, product placement for entertainment, fictional and factual TV programmes, edited VT, arranged production schedule, led directors and filming crew on set, directed shoots, guests and presenters, and gained experience booking guests), films (E.g. produced advertisements, corporate videos, documentaries and short and featured film), internet and social medias (E.g. developed websites, blogs, wrote articles and interviews, edited photos, researched industry-related topics, launched Marketing campaigns and compelling branded content on social medias, ran promotional events and monitored the performance of content using tools to analyse results). I am highly creative professional with a great editorial judgement, commercial awareness, pro-active approach, and the ability to function well both independently and in a team setting. As well as I am excellent at pitching ideas to create and produce content to inform, educate and entertain any audience. I am used to dealing with tight deadlines, in a fast-paced and high stress production environment whilst maintaining exceptional communication, time management and organisational skills with renowned professionals such as directors and artists. I have basic skills to operate editor video and photos software, and video cameras. Also I work with well-known script software.


Patricia Rossiter

I am curious to learn more daily and a zest for life. I am idealist, loyal, and adaptable with a good relationship with my superiors and colleagues. I believe that I can help the world starting changed my way and help people around me. Provoke a positive transformation and balance to impact people for a safe and fair world is one of that motivated me. I worded for 8 years with Public Transport, managed a big team in a bus station and collaborated with other departments on surch and GPS progam. I often go out to take photos and I love doing it.


Iris Ferraz

I am artist by intuition since I was kids, so I am a multiple artist whi loves do dance and also I had a project with Forró in Dublin for 2 years. I also organize events related to art and self knowledge, I also like to write and now I study ar therapy and would like to start exploring some workshops with women.


Mariane Pileggi

I express my art through acrylic painting, I love to paint illustrations, animals, women and cute things.


Breno Martins

A designer with over ten years of experience working with design applied to business – such as designing brands, websites and digital experiences. In his spare time, he likes to play with letterings and typography as a way to inspire himself and the others around him.


Fillipe Lezo

A creative mind, a storyteller, a collaborator. I’m a very visual storyteller. My strengths suit Film/video production perfectly. My skills allow me to make use of the media’s conventions and possibilities to creatively translate the story into the final product. My passion for stories encourages me to take action and become a part of it. Be it on film, on video, on stage (it doesn’t matter), acting makes it possible for me to live many different lives and give life to various characters. What do I bring to the table? High energy and passion, humour, creative ideas, a unique mix of skills, and coffee (or tea)!


Jonatan Krasuski

We have a rock and roll band that is working in our own songs and even some covers to make busking and gigs at pubs. Currently we have a power trio band and everyone is Brazilian musicians. The name of our project is Buzzyard.


Mario Cavaroz

An English and business student in Dublin, I was a partner in an advertising agency for 12 years. The new challenge, managing an online gallery focused on Christian arts.


Milena Pernacova

Graduated in engineering, I found a way to express myself and develop artistic projects through photography, portraits, black and white, street, music, dance among others can be seen on my Instagram profile and exclusive projects on my website.


Carolina Silveira

My name is Carolina or you can call me Carol, I’m from Brazil, I’m 20 years old and I’m currently based in Dublin, Ireland. I’m a visual artist and I’ve been challenging myself to work on creative contents such as painting, drawing, digital illustration and photography. I’m excited to keep on growing in the art scenery and learning from it. For now, you can find most of my work on Instagram, though I’m willing to take my artwork further and make amazing stuff out of it.


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