Dubliners and the Fairies

I am in love with the relationship between the Irish people and the fairies. Who has ever seen a tree like this elsewhere, full of colourful little doors? I hadn’t ever seen ! It’s so much detail that I I wanted to check every part of it.

Photo: Carla Monte Rey ( Saint Anne’s Park)

When a person searches in books and on the internet, most of the reports that exist in Ireland are that these small creatures can bring bad luck. What a
damn thing! I prefer to look for other point of views. Because talking to people here in Ireland, they admire elementary beings.

The adults who work with me tell me that the fairies exist and are good with those who are good with them. That they protect children. I saw an Irish documentary in which people who see fairies are interviewed!

Photo: Chiara Rucks (Phoenix Park)
Photo: Chiara Rucks ( Drimnagh)

The photo of the fairy tree is in St. Annes Park, north of Dublin. The park is about 110 hectares and it belonged to the Guinness brothers (Arthur and Benjamin). This was on the 19th century. On the 20th century, the land passed to the brothers’ nephew, a bishop who had no heirs. He lived in the park’s mansion. The building caught fire and after that the area was donated to the population of the municipality.
I sent a message to the community’s park and they replied me. The tree had to be cut but after that, a fairy door appeared in it. And so, one by one, it was filled with doors made by families that brought their children to the Park.

What about you? Do you believe in fairies?

Carla Monte Rey

Brazilian / Italian journalist based in Dublin

Published by artmultibrazil

We are a group of Brazilian professionals of art and culture based in Dublin. Our goal is to make stronger the work connections between Brazilian and European professions of these areas and to amplify the artistic, cultural and Brazilian identity abroad. Follow our contact for information, partnerships and projects.

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