All You Should Know About The Leather Jacket

From Protection to the Runway

The greatest aspect of fashion is the art of adaptation. We have mentioned already how formal suits and BLDs went all way through from being symbols of elegance and high society to becoming pinches of fun in casual outfits. We also brought to the table how a few lower centimetres in the skirt could give mobility, freedom and beauty to women.

Today we are going to introduce you to how an element of protection during the war became a must-have in all closets for decades:  the Leather Jacket.

Leather Jackets were introduced to the society, in the colour brown, in the early 1900 by the U.S Army as an item for aviators. The mission of this fashionable jacket was to keep the USA men fighting in the I World War sufficiently warm, regardless the weather conditions. It worked so well that Leslin Irvin repeated this same army item in the II World War adding the sheepskin inside it. Afterwards, in 1921, still in the I WW, the bomber jackets were created and worn by various government agencies and defence and military departments.

Figure 2 Image from Wikipedia
Figure 1 Image from Wikipedia

In the 60s and 70s the leather jacket became more popular with the image of a tough and determined guy through Hollywood movies and through the music industry, that connected the heavy material jacket with rock and punk styles.

Ramones is a huge example of this influence. 

Figure 3 Image from

It is worth to mention that this item was and still is an important element to motor bikers as a protective equipment but also used as a fashionable garment. Nowadays, it is easy to see men, women, children and elderly wearing this piece not just as protection, but mainly as a great way to look casual, cool and comfortable.

The black traditional leather jacket has been in the fashion industry since people noticed its beauty and versatility, and very soon it started to be made in different colours. Recently the leather jacket with sheepskin inside was a huge trend, especially in Europe and USA, as well as the bomber jacket, which now we can also find in other materials. The huge difference between that time that the leather jacket was a point of survival and today is that nowadays it is easier to find these jackets with eco-friendly materials instead of real animal materials. It means we can still look nice and fashionable without denigrating nature.

Figure 5 Image from Pintrest

A nice way of wearing this versatile piece of clothing is with a very girly dress, creating a great contrast of romantic and rocker style.

Another way is with formal clothes to balance serenity and casual or even with a simple pair of jeans and a plain white t-shirt, giving to the jacket all the job of powerfulness.

Figure 4 personal photo from Lumi Hemmi

The leather jacket is a cool garment, but it can also be an item to remind us that simple things can protect and warm us in the war inside or outside ourselves.

Lumi Hemmi
Training Coord, Fashion Lover, Concretism Poetry Writer and Dreamer.

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