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Danilo Marinho is an independent artist, drummer, percussionist, educator and poet who performs poetic shows of short duration and small format for different audiences. Since the beginning of its trajectory, he has tried to encourage and collaborate with the debate and reflection on themes that have a direct impact on society, such as racism, the environment, immigration, using poetry and music as an artistic expression.

Its aesthetics is reaffirmed through the union of these two languages, using, in addition to musical instruments, materials found on the street, such as tubes and metal plates. Danilo’s vital core is concentrated in more than 15 years of walking with the collaborative artistic work between Recife (Brazil), Barcelona (Spain) and Africa. Its development is based from popular culture to current culture, thus producing a dynamic, participatory and versatile show.

Personal Archive

In just one year, Natura was present in several cities such as Barcelona and Madrid, and in important spaces such as La Rubia Teatre in Barcelona, ​​the Center for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona – CCCB, the Center for Artistic Residencies, at the Festival Conscience Afro 2019 in Madrid and Livraria Cultura in Recife (Brazil).

 It is a journey, a window for experiences. With the organic versatility of Afro-Brazilian percussion, the Natura show creates an intimate, collective and plural environment, which reinvents itself every moment and joins the experience of walking for everyone. “It is a statement in the form of thanks to nature for having allowed me to obtain all the knowledge I have and through the dialogue with percussion, poetry, expressing my words and interpreting them”.

This year, Danilo launches his first book, Tambores no Silencio, and will launch his first video clip, with the poesy Gueto to be present at the 5th Festival of Poetry in Lisbon.

Chiara Rucks and Danilo Marinho

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We are a group of Brazilian professionals of art and culture based in Dublin. Our goal is to make stronger the work connections between Brazilian and European professions of these areas and to amplify the artistic, cultural and Brazilian identity abroad. Follow our contact for information, partnerships and projects.

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