4 things the artists would like you to know

I was talking to a few artists this week and I realized how recurrent and frustrating it is some reactions from the public when negotiating a sale. Specially because most of them are frightened by the commercial feeling of this transaction I decided to write this list to help them and the buyer to understand their place.

1 -When you ask for a quotation you are asking for a quotation

When you want to buy any product you will ask the price and check if it is affordable to you. It is not because you cant pay that it is not worthy. You don’t ask for a discount at a expensive designer store or when you buy a ticket to go to a famous band concert.

2 – But It is fine to try to negotiate

Specially small businesses or beginners can do a special offer but you wont get a discount by underestimating someone’s work.

Source : Canvas / Chiara Rucks

3 – And yes if you don’t like when people underestimate your work and efforts why to do that to someone else?

Would you like to hear that your wage will be cut in half because your client didn’t like it?

4 – At last but not less important art is a matter of taste, a matter of finding what you like.

In a world where large production is still the rule, having a unique artwork is the timeless most outstanding fashion trend.

Chiara Rucks

Cultural Producer, Art Curator and Co-funder of Artmulti Brazil

Published by artmultibrazil

We are a group of Brazilian professionals of art and culture based in Dublin. Our goal is to make stronger the work connections between Brazilian and European professions of these areas and to amplify the artistic, cultural and Brazilian identity abroad. Follow our contact for information, partnerships and projects.

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