Vivacity and Power in Suits

Fashion is the art of presenting who you are and what you believe through the fabric and accessories on your body. In the same way of everything in art, fashion has the power of describing the movements, issues, thoughts and achievements of each time in history.
Today, on the catwalks of the streets it is easily seen women in coordinate pastel tones suits. The blazer and the chic trousers give the sense of professionalism and elegance through the idea of “office girl” as well as the structure and fine sewing of these beautiful pieces. In the other hand, there is a pinch of fun and casual style shown by the different colours.

Figure 1 Image from Atlantic Pacific

This trend comes from the 70’s decade, when the Second Feminism Wave movement was happening. Women all over the world went to the streets, spoke to the press and, in some cases, sacrificed their lives for freedom of expression, equal rights, sex ethics and for respect in all sections of life, all levels in the world. This historical event is considered a successful movement, which gave not only visibility to the “girl power” but also the possibility for more women to study in college, to work in big companies and make the difference girls can make in the world.
This mark in history also gave women the freedom to wear trousers more eventually, making girls more decisive about the clothes and accessories to wear. This simple achievement gave us the powerful choice to be more comfortable not only in vestures, but also in attitude, resulting in confidence and self love.

Figure 2 Image from Scape the Seventies

We dress up for big events accordingly to its importance and this event needed a piece of clothes which represented the vivacity and the strength all women have inside. Nothing better than a powerful suit that instantly gives you confidence to walk on the streets as if you were on the runway.
All times you see yourself in a suit, remember: You are powerful! You are beautiful!

Lumi Hemmi
Training Coordinator, Fashion Lover, Concretism Poetry Writer and Dreamer.

Published by artmultibrazil

We are a group of Brazilian professionals of art and culture based in Dublin. Our goal is to make stronger the work connections between Brazilian and European professions of these areas and to amplify the artistic, cultural and Brazilian identity abroad. Follow our contact for information, partnerships and projects.

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