Red – photography of feelings during and after lockdown is not just an exhibition about images related to the routine during this period. We have experienced unique sensations during this whole time and it is always nice to take a deep look at what all of this make us feel and how all of this transformed ourselves. And that is what the exhibition is about.  Renato’s photography tries to give shape to all of this. It is supposed to be an art  therapy because we want the public to share their experiences as well with us through our social media.

“I want people to see and feel welcomed because the anguish we are
experiencing is strong, real and common to all.
But it serves as an element that leads us to reflection,
to be reborn and to live from now on in a different way,

valuing small things that seemed so obvious, seeing what
seemed banal and is  difficult to live with now.
Just like the dreams that were being postponed. I think that
all this created at least in me, an urge to live and there would
be no better color than red to show that”, says the art curator Chiara Rucks

About the group – The ArtMulti Brazil collective was created two years  and counts now with 50 art and culture professionals residing in Dublin. The group has majoritary brazilian professionals with european citizenship and long term working visas. We welcome the students as well but we value to keep building strong relationships with the Irish and other european communities. We have Irish painters, croatian and spanish artists in this group as well.  We started to develop projects in the cultural scene of Ireland more recently though, holding art exhibitions in Brazilian restaurants. Our first project in January took more than 100 people in a two-hour event at the Bragadeiros restaurant to see the ‘Sweet Dublin’s Life’ exhibition, now with the restrictions lifting and the reopening of restaurants, we are opening today the mentioned above  exhibition.

The international magazine – Diaspora Cultural has also written a report about us – https://diasporacultural.art/2020/06/27/red-%e2%80%a2-photo-exhibition-in-dublin/?fbclid=IwAR0nzeG5Ah-2Vha2-92nUvnLrKEeAbByyQNhqQJcH6I3aT8hF-1RuJ6ZOyQ

Opening 29 / 06

12 am – 7:30 pm

Fabi’s Grill, The Parnell Centre, Parnell St, Rotunda, Dublin https://www.google.com/maps/place/Fabi%E2%80%99s+Grill/@53.3413527,-6.3321122,13z/data=!4m19!1m13!4m12!1m4!2m2!1d-6.3256008!2d53.3333165!4e1!1m6!1m2!1s0x48670f6a402f7331:0xf3ee04135349c5f6!2sfabis+grill!2m2!1d-6.2672087!2d53.3506256!3m4!1s0x48670f6a402f7331:0xf3ee04135349c5f6!8m2!3d53.3506256!4d-6.2672087

And of course all restrictions and social distance applied to restaurants must be followed. And we are being clear about that. There will not be any crowding at the restaurant.

The public can follow our events and request services and partnerships through our communication channels.

Facebook and Instagram: @brazilianartireland

Our website: https://artmultibrazil.wordpress.com/home/

Art Curator – Chiara Rucks


Chiara has worked as a museum manager  at the Geographical and Historical Institute of Bahia. I also worked as a researcher on museum projects for the city of Salvador, and also worked for state agencies such as IPAC – Historical and Artistic Institute of Bahia.

She has been living in Dublin for two years and coordinates the group of professionals in the area of ​​art and culture ArtMulti Brazil.

Photographer – Renato Mors


The Brazilian photographer was born in Ganharus, in northeastern Brazil, and since childhood he has always been passionate about photography and despite the challenges he studied photography in Recife and opened his own photo studio. With a critical eye and focused on social issues, he always seeks to innovate in its essays, making them the result of a process of self-knowledge and personal growth for you, the photographed and the public. The fashion editorial course at The Faculty of Fine Arts of Recife also drew your attention to the world of fashion and photography.

Frames are available for purchase
Photographer @renatomors
Art Curator @chiararucks
Print @world.of.bru
At Fabis Grill from 29 / 06 – 04 /08
12 am – 7: 30 pm

Published by artmultibrazil

We are a group of Brazilian professionals of art and culture based in Dublin. Our goal is to make stronger the work connections between Brazilian and European professions of these areas and to amplify the artistic, cultural and Brazilian identity abroad. Follow our contact for information, partnerships and projects.

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